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Save Money Buying Children’s Clothing

save money buying children clothing

The family budget can be strained unless you actively work on saving money buying children’s clothing for the new school year. Saving money is more than where you buy the clothes but includes what you purchase and how you care for what you have. We have tips for what to buy, where to buy, and how to make the clothes …

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How to Dispose of Household Products

Dispose of household products

Some of household products cannot be thrown in the trash as is. Read how-tos for safe disposal of them.

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How to Organize Your Garage Using What You Already Have

garage tools

It is time to organize your garage. The following is simple steps to get the clutter sorted and helpful tips for storing your belongings.  It may take a couple weekends to organize your garage depending on how much clutter and the DIY projects you are doing. Sort your belongings into four piles: KeepToss —Establish a list of what you will toss (such as …

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Organizing Kitchen Countertops

kitchen counter

Suggestions for organizing kitchen countertops. Sorting, tossing and storage ideas.

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