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how to tell your child

Dobibe recommended child site

This website is a resource for parents.  ‘how to tell your child‘ is not a site for your child to explore alone.

The site acknowledges that discussing sexuality with a child may be confusing to them. It is not easy for the parent either as they attempt to be age appropriate but not so vague that the child fails to understand. The site came up with a solution. They have created videos that explain child sexual abuse and puberty in a way that it is easy for the child to understand.

Start by visiting the Parent page.  The page provides an easy to understand list of steps for the parent to take when talking about sexual abuse and what to do if an incident happens.

Preview the video you will be watching with your child —Safety Lessons on Child Sexual Abuse. The site provides free downloads of forms mentioned in the video below it. You will need to register before you can download. Don’t forget to sign up for the email that will provide you with additional scenarios you can discuss with your child.

A very good site. Please take a moment to explore it.

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For more tips and resources, please visit Talking About Child Sexual Abuse

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