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Keep track of all your Easter plans with this handy checklist.

Helpful Easter Checklist to Make Your Holiday Easier

Holidays can be hectic, and sometimes things are forgotten. You can get everything done if you use an Easter checklist. Start planning early, and follow your plan for a fun and enjoyable holiday. This Easter list also includes an Easter dinner checklist.

One or two months before

Make a gift list and budget for Easter.
Mark items to be homemade. Create a project page in your notebook.
-Instructions or location of them
-Supplies needed–add to master shopping list
-The time required to complete (double estimates)
-On calendar write start and end date for each project

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Plan the Easter menu and baking.
Organize recipes in one spot.
-Make a master grocery list.
-Make a list of non-perishable items. Divide by weeks to Easter. Buy this amount each week.


-Check decorations for burnt-out bulbs, worn or torn items. Check table linens at this time.
-Add needed supplies to the shopping list or create a project page for items planning to make.
-Do the same with any homemade decorations you are planning.
-Plan Easter Dinner centerpiece. Add items to the shopping list.


-Check the clothing your family is planning to wear for Easter, including shoes and hosiery.
-Add needed items to the shopping list.

Family activities

-Review activities your family does over Easter, e.g., Egg Hunts, Egg count-down, creating an Easter scene, etc.
-Include needed items on the shopping list.
-Start filling in a calendar with Easter activities.
-Make Easter photo list –mark on a calendar

Four weeks ahead

-Work on handmade gifts/shop for gifts
-Work on homemade decorations.
-Make a guest list and send invites (if you are hosting Easter Dinner). Use Facebook Event, so you have a list of those who responded and what your guests are planning to bring.
-Continue to buy items on the non-perishable food list.
-Check with family for needed treats for school, church, or clubs. Add to the shopping list
-Baking: mix dry ingredients for each recipe and place it in a plastic bag. Tape recipe to the bag. Make a cooking plan (when going to bake what). Mark on the calendar.
-Clean glassware.
-Update the Easter budget.

Three weeks in advance

-Decorate for Easter.
-Clean/press clothes for church.
-Make and freeze pastry shells for pies.
-Work on handmade gifts and decorations.
-Continue to purchase food on the non-perishable list.
-Buy Easter gifts.
-Shop for egg dye and items for Easter baskets
-Check gifts for needed batteries. Make a list and purchase.
-Update Easter activity calendar–community egg hunts, club parties, etc. and new tasks
-Update the Easter budget.

Two weeks ahead

-Bake rolls and scones. Freeze.
-Make sure all dishes and dinnerware are clean. Do you have enough serving bowls?
-Write up the menu. Note how long is needed to cook each dish. Make a cooking schedule.
-Continue to buy items on the non-perishable list.
-Wash and press table linens.
-Clean house
-Work on homemade gifts.
-Update the Easter budget.
-Follow the baking plan.
-Review family activity plan for Easter. Purchase any needed supplies.
-Follow your family event plan

One week ahead

-Buy eggs for dyeing and deviled eggs early.
-Follow the family activity plan.
-Update the Easter budget.
-Follow the baking plan.
-Get Easter baskets ready. Fill plastic eggs.

Two days before

-Purchase rest of your ingredients
-Charge your camera. Buy needed batteries, memory cards.
-Defrost large hams or legs of lamb
-Prep in advance dishes that will remain fresh until Easter

One day before

-Chop vegetables, nuts, and cheese.
-Buy ice
-Set the table.
-Chill beverage.
-Dye Easter eggs.
-Place dry ingredients for Easter dishes in a plastic bag. Tape recipe card to the bag. Place in serving bowl with serving spoon.
-Thaw frozen rolls/scones
-Layout kids’ Easter morning outfits
-Get any last-minute items for Easter centerpiece and set up
-Double-check that you have everything you need

Day of

-Follow the cooking schedule you made the third week.

Day after

-Balance Easter budget

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Easter checklist that makes planning for Easter simple. Bonus forms that help you keep track of your lists.

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