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Christmas Gift List Organization for Guaranteed Success

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Christmas 2019 gift list organization can be challenging, especially if you are buying gifts for numerous people. You don’t grocery shop without a list, so it is the same for Christmas gifts. Have a plan, and you will find it less hectic and more enjoyable. You will be successful at organizing your gift list and not going broke if you follow the five steps below.

Create a Comprehensive Budget
Make an Organized Gift List
Set a Budget for Each Person
Start an Idea List
Follow sales

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Create a Comprehensive Budget

Creating a gift budget is good, but how does it fit into your overall budget for Christmas? Have you included cost for shipping, gift wrap, etc.? Make a list of all Holiday expenses-decorations, food, clothing, postage, baking, crafts, gifts, cards, wrapping supplies, etc.

You can use our Event Budget.pdf to help you come up with all the various expenses. By including all costs, you won’t be caught short-changed when a fee comes up you hadn’t included.

Make an Organized Gift List

Time to start listing all the people you give gifts to, which may include family, close friends, co-workers, kid’s teachers, gift exchanges at school and clubs, etc. Check this frequently for any missed individuals. You can download our Gift List pdf here. If you give tips to service providers, include this expense too.

If you have a long gift list, you may want to divide this into separate sheets.

Set a Budget for Each Person

Now that you know what you have budgeted for gifts and hopefully now have a completed gift list, you will start assigning the dollar amount you want to spend on each person. Don’t forget to include the cost of stocking stuffers.

Start an Idea List

Jot down each recipient’s favorite colors, sizes, favorite movies, and shows, hobbies, etc. Jot down anything they have said they liked. We have a gift idea printout to help you keep your gift list organized.

Go sleuthing. Look for wish lists at Amazon, Target, etc. Check out their social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest-noting things they have liked. You can always ask.

Also, check out our gift ideas for inspiration. Please comment if you have additional ideas.

Follow sales

Stores typically put items on sale during certain months. For example, toys are the lowest prices in July and August as stores clear shelves for Christmas toys. October is the jean month as jeans not sold during back-to-school promotions go on sale. Pajamas and sneakers go on sale in November.

Jewelry’s best deals are in February. Computers and other electronics are during Black Friday sales. Other good times to buy machines are Spring and Late Summer. iPhone is August as new models come out in September.

Search for the item you are wanting using “Best month to buy (your item)__ as your search. You may have to settle for lesser discounts if you are buying after the peek months.

If you haven’t signed up for emails from your favorite stores, sign up now. They will keep you abreast of their sales and some stores offer special discounts for email subscribers.

We have a simple gift chest form where you can keep track of what you bought.

Following these steps will make your Christmas gift list organization much more relaxed and less stressful.

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