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Christmas Traditions: Family Activities

Create memories by doing special family activities each year.

Start a large jig-saw puzzle at the beginning of the season. See if you can finish before New Year’s Day.

Visit Santa.

Write Santa.

Read a story aloud each evening. Add a new storybook to your collection each year.

Watch a Christmas video.

View Christmas lights about town.

Make a Christmas tree for the birds.

Make Christmas ornaments.

Make Gingerbread House.

Make Christmas candy.

Bake and decorate Christmas cookies. Use shapes to teach meaning of Christmas.

Make Christmas cards.

Have each child write a little bit about himself for the Christmas letter.

Hang stockings. Encourage family members to write a note of thanks for each family member.

Make wrapping paper/gift bags.

Take a photo of the family in front of the tree.

Attend Candlelight services at Church.

Attend a Church Christmas Pageant.

Take each child alone to go Christmas shopping.

Attend a Christmas concert

Create matching Holiday t-shirts or sweatshirts.

Create a Christmas banner

Go to a living Nativity.

Make Christmas gifts.

Make luminaries.

Sing to Christmas CDs or around the piano.

Go caroling.

Learn a new carol each year.

Use a potpourri warming pot with a Christmas blend of spices.

What are your family activities during Christmas? Please share in the comments below.

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