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Christmas Traditions: Christmas Eve

Turn down the lights and sing carols by candlelight.

Take a drive to see outside lights.

Read the Christmas story aloud from the Bible.

Attend watch night or candle-light service.

View Christmas lights about town.

Let kids open one gift (such as pajamas).

Hang stockings.

Serve eggnog or wassail.

Is there room in your inn? Tradition from Mexico. Go door to door knocking and asking if there is room. Last room you are invited in. Celebrate by doing any activity listed here.

Act out the nativity.

If you did the Christmas Straw activity (see advent traditions), place Jesus in the manager.

Light the middle candle in the advent wreath or do Christmas day.

Christmas web. Victorian tradition where different colored yarn is tied to a small gift. The yarns are then weaved around furniture etc. to a starting point. The person who follows his yarn trail and reaches the gift first, wins the gift.

Give Jesus a gift of yourself. Make a promise to not shout at a brother, read the Bible in a year, volunteer at the soup kitchen, etc.

Have a Birthday Party for Jesus..

Hang Jesse Tree ornaments on Christmas Tree.

Track Santa as he makes his trip around the world.

What does your family do on Christmas eve? Please share below in comments.

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