Christmas Traditions: Christmas Day

Christmas Morning

Take pictures of the kids getting up.

The first one up wakes everyone or kids must wait until a special signal-e.g. playing a song.

Read Luke 2 before opening gifts.

Move Mary, Joseph, and Jesus into the manager (see Nativity advent traditions) or place Jesus in the manager from Christmas straw advent tradition.

Light last candle in the advent wreath.

Have the oldest or youngest pass gifts. Or have the giver give to the receiver.

Have a special Christmas menu each year or make a breakfast bread in the shape of a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Christmas Day

Put a verse of the 12 days of Christmas under each plate. Have 12 Days of Christmas sing-a-long.

Invite quest to come early and attend Christmas morning church service with you.

Tape the family gathering and send it to a relative who lives away.

Use a white table cloth and have the quest to autograph it and write a thought or draw a picture. Later embroidery.

Get out old pictures or videotapes and view them together.

Take a walk together.

Call friends or family or talk to them on the webcam.

Play a new board game.

Pick out a movie to watch together.

Ask family members to share their favorite holiday memory. Record.

If you have additional family traditions please share in the comments below.

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