Amazing Camping and Hiking Christmas Gifts

camping and hiking gifts

Occasion: Christmas gift ideas, anniversary gifts, Father’s day, birthday Are you looking for gifts for camping or hiking enthusiast? We have collected a list of gifts that include essential, good-to-have, and unique ideas. You are sure to find something to please your hiker or camper. Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund …

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Main Dish Food Gifts

main dish food gifts

Breakfast Breakfast tray Pile breakfast tray with:Hot chocolate mixesInternational coffeePancake mixInstruction cardMaple syrupJamsButter dishBreads-cranberry, banana, date, etc.PancakesCast iron skillet filled with: Hot padPancake mixMaple syrupBlueberry syrupPancake turnerInstruction card Casseroles Casserole dish Fill the dish with:Three of your favorite casserole recipesDry ingredients for recipes e.g. rice, can soups, spices Stir-fried riceWild rice mixInstruction cardSoy sauceTeriyaki sauceStir-fry sauceChopsticksFortune cookiesChow mien noodlesGreen tea …

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Baked and Sweet Food Gifts

baked food gifts

Occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well Do you bake? Give a gift from the heart that comes from your kitchen-a homemade baked food gift. Everyone loves food gifts and they will be appreciated by all. Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my craft supply habit and keep the lights on here. If …

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Christmas 2019 Gifts for teens

teen gifts

Occasions: Birthdays, Graduations, Hanukkah, Christmas, Get Well Teens have a wide variety of interests. If you know the teen well, you have some idea of what gifts may please them. If you are not close to the teen, you may need to ask for ideas from the parent or the teen. We have collected gifts ideas covering a variety of …

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Miscellaneous Food Gifts

fruit gifts

Occasions: Get Well, Birthday, Christmas, House Warming Do you have someone on your list who loves tea, grilling, fruit platters, condiments, etc? Miscellaneous Food Gifts contains all the food gift ideas not included in Baked or Sweet Food Gifts or Main Dish Food Gifts. Many suggestions are inexpensive and may be used as co-worker gifts. Disclaimer: This blog post contains …

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Christmas 2019 Sports Gifts

sports gift ideas

Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations, Hanukkah, Anniversary Find the perfect gift for someone you know who is into sports or is a sports fan. We have gift ideas for the fisherman, golfer, hiker, camper, exercise fanatic, skier, jogger and more. The gifts range from expensive to economical so you should be able to find something to suit your budget. Disclaimer: This …

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Christmas 2019 Tween Gifts

tween gifts

Buying gifts for tweens (ages 9-12) can be tough as they are between childhood and being a teen. What may interest them varies. Some may still like toys, while others have moved to gadgets. Below is a list of gift ideas that surely has something for your tween. Toys American girl, collector dolls, and fashion dolls-child might be moving away …

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Handyman Christmas 2019 Gifts

handyman gifts

Occasions: Birthday, Anniversary, First Apartment or Home, Christmas Do you have a handyman or handy gal? Make their life easier by gifting them with tools. Tools are also great gifts for someone with a new apartment or house. Time to put away the butter knife aka screwdriver. HandsawScrewdriver setDuct tapeNailsScrewdriver bit set ScrewsHammerPliersTubing cutterReciprocating saw Sliding T-bevelSafety glassesMagnetic wrist band …

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25 Christmas Gifts for Bakers

baker's gifts

Are you looking for Christmas 2019 gifts for a friend or family member who likes to bake? You definitely want to encourage this sweet hobby with gifts that are practical or expands their hobby in a new direction. Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Hanakuhah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day PotholdersDecorative frosting kitsAssorted sprinkles and nuts Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I …

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The Perfect Christmas gift For Men

gift ideas for men

The men in your life may be very proper or a red-neck or something in between. This list of ideas has something for all of them. Occasion: Christmas, Hanukah, Father’s Day, Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary Backscratcher Swiss pocket knife Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my craft supply habit and keep the …

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