Feeding Your Baby Solids

baby with baby food on his face

How to know when your baby is reading for solids. Feeding your baby solids safely avoiding contamination. How to freeze baby food.

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Keeping Your Sleeping Baby Safe

baby sleeping

Nothing is more precious than watching your little one sleep. There are steps you need to take to ensure this sleep is a safe sleep. Since the “Back to Sleep” campaign has begun, the incidents of SIDs has decreased by 50%. “Back to Sleep” means the baby is placed on his back in the crib up to the age of …

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Safely Feeding Your Baby

baby food, spoon and pacifier

Safely feeding your baby is easy if you know how to re-heat, freeze, and microwave baby food. Food safety when handling baby food.

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Your baby’s safe sleep starts with the crib

Infant sleeping in a crib

How to inspect your baby's crib for safety. What to do with drop side cribs and other things that do not meet safety guidelines.

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Caring for Baby Teeth to Prevent Cavities

baby's mouth showing teeth

Caring for baby teeth is important in preventing cavities. With a few simple steps you can prevent transferring the bacteria that causes this disease.

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