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What is the dif between helicopter and lawnmower parenting?

What is the dif between a helicopter parent and a lawnmower parent? Both of these can be harmful to your child. Suggestions for being a more helpful parent.

I think we have all heard about helicopter parents, but what is a lawnmower parent?


by Meghan

Is there a difference between a helicopter parenting and lawnmower parenting?

Helicopter Parent:

  • organizes child’s life
  • full of advice
  • hoover over kids to protect them from mistakes
  • kids are overly dependent and introverted

Lawnmower Parent:

  • mows down any obstacle in child’s path. Super Mama Bear
  • smooth over/fixes any problems the child has
  • child must always look and appear to be perfect

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Neither of these parenting behaviors is a good thing. The motivation for the parent is to display the illusion that his or her family is perfect, giving in to peer pressure, over compensating for their childhood and anxiety.

This behavior encourages the child to be dependent on the adult and doesn’t teach him problem-solving skills. It develops a fear of failure in the child; gives child sense of entitlement; and doesn’t teach the child to assume responsibility for his behaviors.

As pure as your motives may be–a successful child–your methods are horrible. Our goal is to prepare our child for adulthood; don’t sacrifice this for today “wins”.

Allow your child to do the tasks they are physically or mentally capable of doing. Sometimes they may make mistakes and fail but, these are learning opportunities and your guidance and suggestions are welcomed by the child.

Ignore the helicopter parents in your social circles. Model how to deal with peer pressure for your children.


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