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Weekly paperwork and meal planning

Weekly Paperwork and Meal Planning

File warranties after sending
File misc. business papers
Cull magazines-clip and file articles
Pay bills. Place in the “budget” file. Track utility bills.
Balance check-book
Write letters
Make phone calls
Calendar planning for next week
Review deadlines for projects
Do items in the “things to do” file
Defrag computer
Disc clean-up computer
Clean the computer screen and keyboard
Update virus scan and spy-bots
Run virus and spybot scans
Dump internet cookies and temp files
Backup important computer files
Note sales in sale tracking files
Note receipts/checks in financial categories on the budget sheet
Keep a log of home and car repairs

Meal Planning

Review food ads
Update food price book (list of sale prices)
Check food inventory(list of foods stored in the freezer, pantry, etc. for quick reference)
Plan menu (use food on hand and on sale)
Make grocery list
Purchase groceries
Update freezer and pantry list
Chop and freeze onions and peppers needed for recipes. Grate cheese.
Make mixes
Make freeze ahead meals
Freeze/can fresh produce
Make bread

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