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Weekly car and pet care

Weekly Car and Pet care


Clean ashtray
Empty/sort seat pockets
Dump trash
Clean out under seats
Clean windows in and out
Clean steering wheel
Clean/dust dashboards
Wash floor mats
Vacuum upholstery/wipe off vinyl seats
Vacuum floors
Clean/vacuum door panels
Check for and treat carpet and upholstery stains
Repair dash, seats and panels
Wash car
Clean hub caps and tires
Clean and polish chrome and aluminum
Clean leaves, etc. from the engine compartment
Wipe/clean debris from the underside of the car
Check oil level
Check coolant level
Check air-filter. Clean/replace filter as needed
Check tire pressure
Check wheel weights/clean


Twice weekly
Brush cats and dogs
Change litter box
Brush cat’s and dog’s teeth

Clean houses, cages, and beds
Birds-check and replace gravel, cuddle bones and perch paper

Measure pH
Siphon debris off the bottom
1/4 water change
Rinse fine foam filter
Add plant fertilizer with the water change
Clean front and hood glass
Clean hood

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