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Transitioning Summer Clothes to Fall

Transitioning summer clothes to fall


by Dobibe

Some tips on transitioning summer clothes to fall.

Short sleeve or sleeveless dress

  • Layer jacket, blazer, cardigan or shirt over the dress.
  • Depending on the style of your dress, you may be able to layer a shirt, light sweater or t-shirt under the dress
  • Pull a sweater over the dress and use the bottom of the dress as a skirt.


Shorts or Short Skirt

Tights give the needed warmth. And no, red or blue legs don’t look fashionable–keep them warm.

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Transitioning Tank tops

  • Use under sweaters or long-sleeve t-shirts.
  • Use under dresses to cover up a bare neckline.
  • Wear over a cotton shirt or a long sleeve t-shirt.


Vests go over practically anything including dresses.

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Scarves should be heavier, and they can make a wonderful pop of color in the winter.

Additional Info

Some tips on layering when transitioning your wardrobe to another season:

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Keep the fabrics thin to reduce bulk except the outside layer that may be thicker
When layering jackets/cardigans over another top, it is best to keep the inner top the same length or slightly longer. The exception is a short jacket where you want to wear something long under it.
The more bulk you have up top; the less bulk you want on the bottom.
Limit layers to three.
Usually, a similar neckline works best except v-necks that pair with a squarish neckline.

Do you have a tip on transitioning summer clothes? Please share in the comment section below.



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