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10 Tips for Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

mad toddler

A young child has temper tantrums; it is part of the development process. The child does not know how to deal with feelings of anger and frustration and lacks language skills. Fortunately, the tantrums will decrease as his vocabulary increases. Prevent Tantrums [gard group=’2′]Preventing a meltdown is better than dealing with one.  Most toddler tantrums will be due to frustration. …

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What is the dif between helicopter and lawnmower parenting?

What is the dif between helicopter and lawnmower parenting?--How to avoid being one... dobibe.com

I think we have all heard about helicopter parents, but what is a lawnmower parent? Qwikbit by Meghan Is there a difference between a helicopter parenting and lawnmower parenting? Helicopter Parent: organizes child’s life full of advice hoover over kids to protect them from mistakes kids are overly dependent and introverted Lawnmower Parent: mows down any obstacle in child’s path. Super …

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Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

seat belts

Qwikbit by Dobibe As kids grow older the bigger becomes the hassle to get them to buckle-up. Over the past 5 years, 1,552 kids ages 8-14 were not wearing seat belts when they died in a crash, and one in four of those kids were age 14. NHTSA has started a new campaign called “Never Give Up Until They Buckle-up” …

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A Positive Parent Does Not Use Excessive Praise

Parents playing with child

 Praise Focuses On The Parent Praise focuses on the parent and what they think. Berman, a family therapist, feels constant praise is belittling. We have became 24/7 cheerleaders for our children. After awhile this rote repeating of praises, e.g “Good job.” or “I like”, may be perceived by the child as insincere. Worse the child may become dependent on praise …

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