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Weekly Cleaning Dining room & Basement

Weekly clean dining room, basement and garage.

Weekly cleaning list for dining rooms and basement. Chores for basement will vary. Do chores for appliances in whatever room they are kept.

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Living room and Entry Weekly Cleaning

Weekly clean livingroom

Living room and entry weekly cleaning checklist. These are what most visitors see first and the most challenging to keep clean.

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Misc Weekly Cleaning List

Weekly cleaning

All the remaining items you need to do on your weekly cleaning list--clothes, porch, deck, and vacuum cleaner.

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Weekly Bedroom & Bathroom Cleaning Chores

Weekly clean bedroom and bathroom

Weekly chores to keep bedroom and bathroom tidy and sparkling. Keeping up with the chores will prevent a monthly overload when cleaning.

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Things to do When Cleaning the Kitchen Weekly

Things to do When Cleaning the Kitchen Weekly

Things to do when cleaning the kitchen weekly is a handy checklist to cleaning the kitchen step by step. Weekly doing these chores will help to prevent the gunk from building up and making it more difficult.

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Weekly Car and Pet care

Weekly car and pet care

Keep your car clean and maintained with this weekly checklist. Pet chores include furry, feathered and those with fins.

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March Checklist

March home maintenance checklist

Continue spring cleaning during March--basement and bedrooms.

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February Check-list

February checklist

Cleaning and Maintenance Time to start spring cleaning and maintenance. Twice yearly: Living room Check for repairs needed and add to the fix-it list Loose drawer pullsSagging door hingesSagging or broken hinges on furnitureCheck caulk below windowsBroken light fixturesSqueaky floorsCheck all electrical cordsBroken outlets and switchesScratches on furnitureCheck working parts of the fireplaceCheck furniture legs Clean window tracks and sillsWash …

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January Check List

Take down Christmas decorationsReturn or exchange gifts, overstocked Christmas supplies, etc.Write thank-you notesUpdate home inventoryGather all the paperwork you need to do your taxes.Do January Holiday ChecklistCheck out January sales Organization Clean and straighten clothes closet Cleaning/Maintenance Laundry Quarterly: Check machine hosesCheck dryer exhaust tube for debris and lintClean duct, damper and space under dryerMake sure exterior vent cover closes …

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