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St. Patrick's Day Fun Thing

St. Patrick’s Day Fun Stuff Crafts

Some fun and simple activities you can do with your kids for St. Patrick’s Day. Substitute other items if you don’t have what is called for.

St. Patrick’s Day Pot-of-Gold Wind-sock

Oatmeal box or plastic ice cream bucket with the bottom cut off
(done by parent)
Black paper or paint
Green paper or paint
Crepe paper or plastic tape in rainbow colors (non-adhesive)
Dark yellow yarn
Iridescent gold pompoms

Measure circumference of container. Divide by 3. Using this number to punch three holes (1/2″ from the top) equal distance around top of container.
Paint container black or cover with black paper.
Decorate container with painted or cut-out shamrocks.
Cut 2 feet strips of crepe paper or plastic tape.
Staple these strips to the bottom of the container (side opposite of the holes you punched).
Glue pompoms around the top.
Cut three 18″ lengths of yarn. Tie a piece of yarn to each hole. Grasp the yarns 8″ from the top.
Fold the top yarn in half making a loop. Wind an extra piece of yarn around the base of the loop to secure it and tie the ends of this yarn together.

Leprechaun Toilet Paper Tube

Empty toilet paper tube
Green, Pink, Yellow paint
Markers or Sharpies in red and black
Piece of cardboard cut in 3 inch circle.

Mark 1/3 of the way down from the top and paint green.
Create a hat band with black marker. Paint on a yellow buckle.
Paint bottom 2/3s pink.
Draw face on pink section using markers. Can use googlie eyes.
Glue strips of yarn to the back for hair or paint strands of hair.
Place tube in the center of cardboard circle and trace around.
Cut out center hole. Paint green. Slide circle over the top of the tube for hat brim. Glue. Paint brim green or cover with paper.

St. Patrick’s Day Potato Leprechauns

Green paint
Pipe cleaners
Beads on straight pins
Googly eyes
Grass seed

Cut the bottom off of a potato so that it sits flat.
Then cut the top of the potato off and hollow it out one inch deep.
Paint the potato green. Let dry.
Create face using beads, pipe cleaners and googlie eyes.
Fill top hallow area with soil. Sprinkle grass over and water. Keep moist.

Styrofoam Shamrocks

Styrofoam meat trays
Googly eyes
Green paint
Black marker
Shamrock cookie cutter

Trace cookie cutter on a meat tray. Cut out.
Paint green. Let dry.
Glue on googlie eyes.
Draw a smile with the marker.
Apply glue to the edge of the shamrock and sprinkle with salt.

Blarney Stones

Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Acrylic paint
Fake gems

Use you imagination decorating your rock.
-create a face with googlie eyes, pipe cleaners and beads.
-paint on a shamrock, pot of gold, or rainbow.
-glue fake gems to it to make it sparkle

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of gold bowl

Paper bowl
Strips of paper
Paper mache paste
Black and green paint
Gold iridescent pompoms

Smear bowl with Vaseline.
Dip paper strips in paper mache and wrap around bowl.
Let dry.
Paint black or green and let dry.
Glue pompoms around the top.
Decorate with glued on clip art or stickers.
Fill with wrapped candies.

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