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Reminder: Repot Your Houseplants Day

Repot Your Houseplants Day


by Dobibe

Yes, there is a day to remind you to check if your houseplants need repotting. Spring is the ideal time to repot your houseplants. So if you have neglected to do this,  take a look today at your houseplants and see if any need re-potted.

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Some houseplants will need frequent repotting while others rarely need it. Signs that your houseplant need repotting include roots growing out of the bottom of the pot,  requires more frequent watering and plant has stopped growing despite being healthy. If your answer to any of these questions is yes, gently slip the plant out of its’ pot. If the roots are circling around the root ball or so dense you can see little potting soil, it is time to repot.

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Qwik tips:

Pick a pot 2 inches bigger than its’ current pot. Choose a pot with drainage holes. Don’t use garden soil for your potting soil. Garden soil may have disease and pest. Wet your potting mix before using it. If you are using a clay pot, you will need to soak the pot overnight before using. Water your plant in its’ current pot and wait an hour before repotting.


For more information:
Repotting Houseplants pdf –step by step instructions
Caring for Houseplants Repotting Houseplants
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