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Party planner checklist

Party Planner

6 to 8 weeks before:

  • Review budget for party
  • Make list of people planning to invite
  • Plan menu
    • Order catered food*
    • Organize recipes
    • Make grocery list
    • Make list of nonperishable items
    • Divide nonperishable food into number of weeks to party. Purchase items on list every week
  • Plan colors for event and decorations needs

5 weeks before:

  • Check serving dishes, linens, and silverware or paper supplies you will need.
    • Add needed items to shopping list
    • Reserve any needed rental equipment: chairs, punch bowls, serving dishes, etc. *
  • Buy or make invitations.
  • Review budget; record the items purchased.
  • Plan decorations and add needed items to shopping list. Make a project page for decorations you are planning to make yourself.
  • Add project supplies to shopping list

4 weeks before:

  • Send invitations
  • Plan centerpieces–Order or make a project page if making your own.*
  • Add needed supplies to shopping list
  • Plan games, activities, prizes and favors
    • Add needed items to master shopping list
    • Make a project page if making your own
    • Note where instructions are found for games/activities or copy and insert into your notebook
  • Plan clothing you are going to wear
  • Reserve rooms for out of town quests*
  • Confirm any reservations, catered food ordered, or rental equipment requests you have made for the party
    • Pay fees
  • Continue to work on homemade decorations, favors, etc.
  • Review menu lists for missing items–coffee, ice, sugar, nuts, etc.

3 weeks before:

  • Wash and press linen*
  • Polish silverware–if not using plastic
  • Clean candlesticks*
  • With menu in hand, identify serving bowls you are going to use*
    • Purchase or borrow any needed items
  • Plan table settings: place cards, napkin rings, napkins*
  • Continue working on homemade decorations, favors, etc.
  • Review budget: record the items you purchased
  • Baked treats*
    • Place dry ingredients in a plastic bag and tape recipe to the outside.

2 weeks before:

  • Create cooking schedule. Note cooking times of planned dishes and mark a time each dish needs started. Post on bulletin board or refrigerator.
  • Review RSVPs. Make place cards.*
  • Continue working on home-made decorations, favors, etc.
  • Review budget: record items you purchased
  • Wash, press, polish clothing you are going to wear
  • Make a party schedule: start time, order of games, time meal to be served etc.
  • Purchase film, batteries, etc.

1 week before:

  • Wash plates, silverware, and bowls you are planning to use.
  • Bake cookies etc.
  • On a slip of paper write the name of a dish you are going to serve and time needs to be started place in serving bowl with
    • measured dry ingredients in a plastic bag
    • serving bowl
    • recipe card
  • Organize games and review instructions
  • Complete homemade decorations, favors, etc.
  • Review budget: records items you purchased
  • Wrap gifts
  • Clean house

Day before:

  • Chop vegetables and prepare salads and soups that can be made ahead*
  • Set table*
  • Decorate if permitted
  • Purchase ice
  • Make vegetable and dessert plates. Refrigerate. *
  • Pick up ordered food

Day of:

  • Decorate
  • Pick up rental equipment and floral arrangements*
  • Review party schedule and follow
  • Follow cooking schedule*
  • Prepare cameras and recorders
  • Relax and enjoy!

*You may not need to do all the items on the list.

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