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How clean is your kitchen?

How Clean is Your Kitchen?


by Debbie

It looks all sparkly and would pass the guest test but is it clean enough?

No, your kitchen needs to be sanitized. Hot soapy water does not remove all the germs. You need to use a sanitizer especially after handling meat. One effective sanitizer can be homemade.

½ tsp bleach
2 cups water

Pour into a spray bottle. Wash surface with hot soapy water, rinse and dry then spray with sanitizer. Let air dry.

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Additional Info

Your bleach solution needs stored in a dark place.

Do not use bleach with added scent–not food safe.

Dump what is remaining in the bleach spray bottle and make a new solution once a week. Bleach degrades quickly.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can also sanitize. These need to sit for 10 minutes to be effective. Or you can warm them, pour into a spray bottle, spray and let sit for one minute.

Don’t mix vinegar with hydrogen peroxide. Use one or the other.

How often you sanitize is dependent on the people and pets living in your house. Elderly people, people who are immune-compromised, children younger than 5 and household pets all require more frequent sanitizing. You can do it daily.

Always sanitized counters and cutting boards after preparing meats. Anything chicken touched, that can’t be put in the dishwasher, needs to be sanitized.

For more information see this pdf Cleaning and Sanitizing the Kitchen

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