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Gift Wrapping: Baskets


*Fill basket with
Cellophane grass
Crumpled tissue paper
Piece of fabric
shredded colored paper


*Fill-ins for your basket
Candy canes
Foiled wrapped Santas
Small pine cones
Bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon
Christmas greenery
Christmas ornaments
Lots of small bows
Nuts in a shell
Small scented candles
Christmas baking
Mandarin oranges


*Basket liner:
1. Measure basket from rim to rim and cut fabric circle 1/2″ bigger.
2. Finish top edge of fabric.
3.Lay fabric right-side up in basket. Pleat to fit.
4. Hot glue fabric onto basket


*Fabric cover
1. Measure basket from rim-to-rim.
2. Multiply measurement by 1 1/2.
3. Cut out fabric circle this dimension
4. Place basket on top of wrong side of fabric and pull up fabric.
5. Attach rubber band at rim over fabric
6. Stuff between fabric and basket with fiber fill
7. Cover rubber band with ribbon, raffia, yarn, etc.


*Sponge paint basket
Dip a dampen sponge into paint, remove excess paint on paper towel. Use light stamping motion to paint with.


*Splatter finish
Apply sealer and let dry. Apply basecoat of paint. Let dry. Thin accent paint. Splatter on colors. Occasionally splattering some basecoat paint.


*Wood stain
Apply stain with small brush. Let partially dry and wipe off excess with lint-free cloth

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