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Gardening gifts

Know someone who loves working in their garden? Here are some gift ideas they will love.

Occasion: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter

Gardening Basket Fill with:
Knee pads
Hand cultivator
Garden gloves
Plant markers
Hand pruners
Hand trowel
Nail brush

Gardening books
Watering can
Gardening calendar
Terra cotta pots
Hose bowl
Bottle of fertilizer
Green House Gift certificate
Gardening magazine subscription
Electric soil tester
Grass shears
Hedge trimmer
Stepping stones
Bird bath
Wind chimes
Solar path lights


Gift of time Give a coupon promising:
To weed
Mow the lawn
Plant the vegetable garden
Dig holes
Divide plants
Pot plants
To water

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