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february holiday checklist

February Holiday Checklist

February Holiday Checklist is the second part of the year around Christmas planner. The February Holiday planner also highlights upcoming events and holidays including Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.


Ongoing Christmas newsletter: Make notes of events that occured in February.
Photo calendar: Plan February pictures you need to take for photo calendar. Develope or upload January photos.
Purchase 1/10 of budgeted gift items or place in savings.
Label and store Christmas photos.
Review gift list and mark items you plan to make. Make project page in your notebook for each gift.

  • Instructions or where they can be found
  • Supplies needed-add to master shopping list
  • Time needed to complete (double estimates)
  • On calendar write start date for project and date to be completed¬†

All Celebrations

Make or buy cards for March birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
If giving a shower, Birthday party, etc. in April begin planning now.

Valentine’s Day

Verify reservations early in the month.
Mail cards by the seventh.
Bake or purchase Valentine treats for school and clubs. See Easy to Make Kid’s Valentines
Make Valentine boxes for school.
Finish shopping for gifts.

St. Patrick’s Day

If you planning a party, use the planning checklist .

Use the project page for any activities you are planning to do with your family.


See Easter countdown

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