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Family Activities for Easter

Family Activities for Easter

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Crown of Thorns
Insert toothpicks into a small Styrofoam or straw wreath. Every time a family member does a thoughtful or kind act they can take one of the toothpicks out of the wreath.

Easter Banner or Flag
Create a banner or flag that symbolizes Easter for your family. Instructions for a basic banner can be found at the above link.

Good Friday Silence
Many churches on Good Friday have 3 hours of silence during the time Jesus was hanging on the cross. You and your family can participate in this by shutting off the TV, computer, video games, stereos, and other music. Read the story of the crucifixion and then for 3 hours family members do activities without talking.

Easter Count-down
A count-down to Easter using numbered plastic eggs filled with Easter symbols.

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Easter Sunday Eggs
Each family member receives a large plastic egg and given the assignment to place something in the egg that to them best symbolizes Easter. On Easter Day the eggs or opened and each family member shares the reason they picked the item as their symbol.

Thrity Pieces of Silver
Encourage family members to donate 30 pieces of silver each week during Lent. The pieces of silver can be nickles, dimes, quarters, half-dollars or dollars. The week before Easter count-up the money and buy a gift for a shut-in or donate to charity.

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Try a few of these fun family activities for Easter this year.

Create an Easter Tree
Fill an Easter tree with hand-made treasures for a special Easter decoration.

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