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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here is some easy Christmas decorating ideas. With Christmas theme supplies, you can turn what you already have into Christmas decorations. Collect wide ribbon, narrow ribbon, candy canes, wired stars, artificial greens, Christmas picks, Christmas paper, Christmas ornaments, pinecones, artificial spray snow, spray paint–red, green, silver or gold, artificial holly, Christmas fabric, little wreaths, cinnamon sticks and Epsom salt.

Look through your belongings for clear, red or green colored  vases, dishes, bowls, books, water glasses, candle sticks and jars. Add baskets, watering cans, clay pots and buckets to your collection.

Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas  forTable Tops: End tables, shelves, and mantels

– Spell “Merry Christmas” with alphabet blocks. Decorate with greenery.
– Tie red bows around stuffed bears and animals. Dress in caps and scarves. Place small wrapped packages or candy canes in their hands.
– Hang a collection of stockings-even if you don’t stuff them.
– String dried fruit and berries together and tacked to the shelf edge.
– Put bookends away and tie a wide ribbon with a bow around a stack of books.
– Dress baby dolls in the outfits your children wore home from the hospital.
– Trim shelves or mantel with garland. Tie on Christmas cards or pictures from Christmas past.
– Fill watering can with greens and decorate with wired stars.
– Fill a basket with pinecones or ornaments. – Fill a bowl with clove-studded oranges and greens.
– Decorate with old toys-wagons, doll houses, trucks, sleds, etc. Decorate with holly, greenery sprigs, Christmas picks or small pinecones.

– Make bouquets of holly, laurel, greenery or candy canes. Place in a container. Wrap bow around the container.
– Put a pretty Christmas book on a plate stand.
– Spray real fruit with gold paint and place in a bowl. Or brush thinned glue on the fruit and sprinkle with Epsom salt.
– Tie a ribbon around a tall clear drinking glass. Fill with candy canes.
– Place ornaments or beads in a clear glass bowl, tall vase or hurricane lamp.
– Add a plywood top to an end table to make it bigger. Place Christmas tablecloth or guilt over the top.
– Fill small jars with water and add a sprig of greenery. Use food dye to dye water red or green.
– Place tree top finales in the top of a pedestal candlestick.
– Open a family Bible to a Christmas picture. Set on a coffee table.

Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Pictures

– Hang stockings on the wall with small packages, teddy bears or a sprig of greenery peeking out.
– Replace frames with cheap frames you have sprayed red, green, silver or gold.
– Make cardboard frames and wrap with Christmas fabric or paper. Or remove pictures and wrap your current frames with wrapping paper and replace the frame.
– Gift wrap the whole picture with wrapping paper and a big bow.
– Frame montage of Christmas past photos.
– Frame Christmas cards.
– Tape bright ribbon across the corners of picture frames.

– “Frame” wall art with garland. Tie a bow to a corner.
– Replace wall art with a wreath.
– Fill wall scones with berries and greenery.
– Remove picture, glass, and back. Hang a wreath in the middle of the frame.
– Replace pictures with printed out sheets of Christmas carols. Decorate with sprigs of greenery. Can antique sheet music-if desire-by brushing with strong, cooled tea. Iron the music sheet first so the ink won’t bleed.

Simple and Easy Christmas Decorations for Windows

– Place a wreath in each window. Suspend-if desired from a red ribbon.
– Tie a thin ribbon to a spray of evergreens and place in each window.
– Place an electric candle in each window.
– Place collections on wide window sills- baskets of fruit, small Christmas trees, nativity sets, bells or nutcrackers.
– Paint on a Christmas scene using tempera paint mixed with a few drops of dishwashing detergent.
– Cut out or crochet snowflakes. Hang by fishing line in the windows.
– Suspend ornaments with a ribbon or yarn in the windows.

– Place tree top finales in the top of a pedestal candlestick. Weave greenery and beads around.
– Make bows from Christmas print ribbon and pin to the curtains.
– Glue tiny pinecones, artificial greenery and ribbon to a strip of velvet. Use as a tie back.
– Spray artificial snow around the edges of your windows.
– Place a bunch of jars on your windowsill. Insert a string of lights into the jars. Can place tinsel in the jars first.
– Replace curtain valance with a large piece of Christmas fabric.

Miscellaneous Decorations

– Cascade ribbon across the arms of your chandelier.
– Suspend ornaments or snowflakes from a chandelier.
– Suspend mistletoe, kissing balls, holly, angles or snowflakes from doorways or ceiling.
– Tie up small bundles of cinnamon sticks and greenery tied with ribbon. Pin to a lampshade.
– Tie a ribbon around the top of your lampshade.
– Replace fish tank background with wrapping paper.
– Tie red ribbon around throw pillows.
– Weave Christmas ribbon through the edge of a knitted blanket.
– Replace throws with Christmas motif throws or quilts.

Please share any additional Christmas decorating ideas you have in the comment section below.

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