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Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs
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Decorating Easter eggs is a fun and creative family project. The first step is to either hard-boil the eggs or blow-out the eggs. Blown eggs are created by inserting a needle into one end of the egg and piercing the egg yolk sack. At the opposite end of the egg pierce another hole with the needle. Blow through one of the holes over a bowl. Children are good egg blowers. Once the content of the egg has been removed, the egg will need to be washed to remove traces of egg yolk and membrane. Let dry.

Dying Eggs

You can use any packaged Easter egg dye kit or food-dye. Instructions for mixing the dye are on the package. In addition to the dye you will need a plastic sheet or lots of newspapers to protect the table, several Styrofoam cups for mixing the dye in and dunking the eggs-one for each color, a wand or spoons for retrieving the eggs out of the cup, and a egg cartoon or egg stand to set the eggs in while they are drying. If you are using food dye, you will need white vinegar.

Older kids will soon grow bored with dunking eggs and start experimenting with different ways to use the dye. Mixing colors can be fun and educational but usually becomes overdone and results in unusual browns and greens. Below are some dye variations your child can experiment with.

Marbleized eggs

  • eggs
  • food dye
  • cups
  • cooking oil

Add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil to the cup and swirl before dropping eggs into the dye. This should be done towards the end as it is not reversible and all your eggs will end up marbleized.

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Rubber bands

  • small rubber bands
  • food dye
  • cups or large muffin tins

Wrap egg with small rubber bands in different widths. The eggs will have to remain a while in the dye. The outcome is not always perfect, but makes an interesting pattern. You can dye the egg before applying the rubber bands to create a two-tone effect or re-dye the egg afterwards.

Crayon Melts

  • crayons
  • warm eggs

Use warm eggs. Draw lines or squiggles on the egg using a crayon. The crayon will melt when applied.


  • Adhesive stars, paper reinforces and other shapes OR
  • Small paper punches and adhesive name tags
  • Eggs
  • Food dye

Apply gum stars or hole reinforces to the egg before dying. Remove the stickers after dying. Again you can dye the egg before applying the stickers or re-dye afterwards. OR use paper punches to punch out stickers from adhesive name tags. You can find rabbit, flowers, suns, eggs, and tulip paper punches in the craft section of stores. Follow the instructions for gum stars above.


  • cheesecloth
  • food dye
  • eggs
  • spoon

Wrap egg in cheesecloth or a piece of nylon hose before placing in the dye. The egg will need to remain in the dye for awhile in order for this to work.


  • grass blades, ferns, leafs or artificial ones with center remove
  • cooking oil or paper glue stick
  • nylon or cheesecloth if using real grass etc.
  • eggs
  • dye

“Stick” leaves, small petals or blades of grass to the egg using cooking oil before wrapping with the nylon or cheesecloth. Results are iffy. Or use the petals and leaves from small silk flowers with the hard center removed. Glue the silk petals and leaves to the egg using a paper glue stick. You don’t need to wrap these eggs before dying. Peel off the petals after dying.

Splattered eggs

  • cardboard box
  • old toothbrush
  • smock or plastic trash bag (cut wholes for arms and head. Use to protect clothing)
  • food dye
  • eggs

Best done in a card board box or outside. Dunk an old toothbrush into the dye. Hold the toothbrush 6″ to 12″ from the egg and rub your finger or a toothpick along the bristles. This will splatter the dye onto the egg and everywhere else. You will need to protect furniture, clothes and perhaps hair. If done in blues, the egg will resemble a Robin egg.

Sponge painting

  • coarse textured sponge
  • food dye
  • eggs

Dunk a coarse textured sponge into the dye and dab onto the egg. You will need a strong concentration of dye for this to work. This procedure is also very messy.

Rice speckled eggs

  • small containers with lids or plastic bags
  • long grain rice
  • eggs
  • food dye
  • spoon

Put about a ¼ cup of rice and ten drops of dye into a plastic bag or a small container. Drop your egg in and shake. The egg will be speckled when removed. Be careful not to touch the egg while in the bag and remove carefully to prevent smudging. You will need to add more dye before doing another egg.

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