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Submit a How-to

Thanks for sharing your “how-to” with our readers. We are open to all types of how-to articles, but they must comply with our Terms of Use and Terms of Content Submission.

Possible how-tos may include

  • home repairs, auto repairs, all kinds of crafts, gardening, cooking,  decorating; cleaning
  • sports, fitness, finance, saving money, health, getting organized
  • using a computer, pad, or phone; any electronics, web master
  • anything with kids–art, crafting, gardening, cooking, science, etc.

Remember to include needed supplies and tools, and to number your steps. Indicate each item on a checklist with a dot or dash. We would like to see a picture of your finished project and any photos of the steps. These photos will only be used in your how-to article and in promotions for the article.