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Cleaning Up After Pantry Pests

Cleaning Up After Pantry Pests

Eliminating Meal beetles, larva and cockroaches

Inspect cupboard for insects

Remove everything from the cupboards and inspect the foods stored for signs of infestation. Throw away contaminated food.
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Promptly carry garbage bag containing tossed food out of the house.You can kill meal bugs by placing food in the freezer at 0 degrees for a week. This is recommended for any grain products such as flours and meals. Or, you can place the food on a shallow pan and bake at 155 degrees for 30 min.

Keep Foods Bug Free

Store remaining food in screw top jars, plastic containers with tight-fitting snap on lids or food-grade zip-sealed storage bags. Vacuum the crevices in your cupboard and throw away the vacuum bag outside. Follow the steps to prevent infestations found in “Preventing Kitchen Pests” article. This will help locate nests but also check out books, any electric clocks, potato sacks, behind pictures, mops and brooms for cockroaches.

Treating pantry pests

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Your best defense begins outside of the house by using products labeled for this purpose. The product is sprayed on the lower part of the house, on the ground surrounding around the house and at potential entry points described in the article “Preventing Kitchen Pests”. Follow label directions and use only as approved.There is a variety of traps and sprays you can use inside with a great deal of caution. Buy only those products labeled for pantry use, follow instructions, and read this article Control Household Pests. You may have to repeat these steps a few time, but eventually your pantry pests will disappear.
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