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Gift Wrapping Using Paper

Brown Paper Ideas

*Use rubber stamps to stamp designs on the paper.
*Lay paper doilies on the paper. Spray with white paint. Let dry and remove doilies. Wrap package. Top with a white bow and silver rickrack.
*Place gold star stickers all over package. Top with gold bow and gold wire stars.
*Tie package with salsa and glue cinnamon sticks, greenery and pine cones together for the bow
*Dab squiggles of metallic paint on with a brush for shimmering effect
*Over wrap with golden tulle.
*Write recipient’s address in center of gift. Your address in the left corner. Draw on Santa stamp.
*Sponge or splatter on red, green, silver or gold paint

White Shelf Paper Gift Wrap

*Use rubber stamps to make designs

*Stencil on designs

*Splatter or sponge with metallic paints

*Place small gifts e.g. ties, socks. belts, etc. in an empty paper towel tube. Wrap with paper then wrap red ribbon around to give look of peppermint stick.

*Cut out Christmas message from type found in magazines. Glue to package.

*Stamp on green stars. With a brush swirl on red acrylic paint. Splatter with gold paint.

*Create an envelope for a small gift. Address as you would an envelope.

Tissue Paper Gift Wrap

*Rubber stamp on designs

*Stencil on designs

*Splatter with paint

*Bundle odd shape gifts with 2 or 3 layers of tissue paper. Tie top with contrasting yarn.

*Use tissue paper to fold around clothes in boxes and to line gift bags.

*Cut tissue paper into 1/4 inch strips and use as toss to cover top of gift bags.

*Wrap gift in tissue paper. Tie with piece of lace and tie on velveteen bow for Victorian look.

Miscellaneous paper wraps

*Use Christmas sheet music to wrap small gifts. Can antique by brewing tea and letting the tea cool. Dip a sponge into the tea wring sponge out and apply a thin wash to the sheet music. Let dry.

*Wrap travel gifts in maps

*Wrap date books, diaries, etc. in calendar pages.

*Travel pages for travel clocks, road maps, atlas, etc.

*Funnies for children’s gifts

*Sports pages for sporting related gifts

*Black and white newsprint tied with red ribbon is a very attractive gift

Cellophane and Shrink Wrap

Use cellophane for hard to wrap gifts e.g.
Baskets, buckets, pails, small wagons.
Food gifts
A plant
Fresh bouquet of flowers

Tie a fluffy bow to the top and a sprig of holly

Purchase shrink wrap from hardware stores to save $

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Gift Wrapping Ideas

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