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Gift Wrap Ideas: Bags and Boxes

Paper Bags

*Any of the suggestions in brown paper or shelf paper section

*Use paper punch to punch holes across the top. Thread yarn, ribbon, etc. through and tie a bow.

*Spray paint gold and tie with lace or velvet ribbon

*Applique using fabric and fusible web. Measure height and width and subtract 1/4″ from all measurements. Cut out fabric piece and fusible web using these measurements. Use an iron to fuse fabric and fusible web to bag. Cut out pieces for applique and fuse to bag.

*Glue cards or pictures to front of bag. Decorate with sprigs of artificial greenery or buttons

*Cut out a design in the front of the bag. Glue fabric or pretty paper to the back of the cut-out hole

*When using buttons on a paper bag-use pliers to bend shank in half. Insert through hole punched in bag and spread shank open.

*Use pieces of felt, fabric, paper, batting, etc. to create Santa and other faces on the front of the bag.

*Using decorative paper, paper-piece a design to the front of the bag.

*Open a lunch bag and use it as a pattern. Trace the pattern on wall paper or gift wrap. Cut out and glue bag together.


Fabric Bags and Canvas Totes

*Making fabric bags. Determine finish size of bag. Add 1/2″ to width. Double length and add 2″. Press in half. Sew side seams 1/4″. Leave top open. Finish top edge by turning fabric under and top-stitch. For a flat bottom. Stitch 1/2″ to 1″ across each corner.

*Tie bag with ribbon, twine, string, fabric scraps torn into strips, raffia, gold cord, etc.

*Paint a design on front of bag

*Applique a design to front of bag

*Rubber stamp a design to the bag using fabric paints

*Using fabric paint, stencil a design onto bag.

*Arrange buttons into a design on the front of the bag

*Embroidery a design to the front of the bag


*Pizza box. Unused box. Measure and cut out pieces of paper to fit each side of box. Using spray glue apply to box.


*Dissemble a box. Lay onto piece of fabric. Mark fabric 1/2″ from the sides. Cut out fabric. Spread tacky glue onto right side of box. Lay fabric over and smooth excess to inside. Cut off extra fabric. Reassemble box.


*Paint the box with acrylic paint and stencil or stamp on a design.


*Decoupage a picture to the box. Cut out a picture from a magazine or card.


*Decorate box with lace, dollies, pinecones, silk flowers, jewelry, ribbons, and/or buttons


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