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Computer Backup of Personal Files

backup a computer

It is time to backup your computer. For a newbie, there may be questions about how to do it and what is best for you. What to Backup You will need to decide what you want to back up. You don’t need to backup a computer entirely just your personal files. Your programs probably came on a disc, or you …

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Avoiding problems when you uninstall computer programs

uninstalling programs

Uninstalling programs helps to speed up your computer and frees disc space. However, avoiding problems when uninstalling computer programs is essential. Use caution. Do not Do not delete the shortcuts found in the taskbar or on your home page. Removing shortcuts will not uninstall the computer program. Do not go directly into the program file and delete. This action could …

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10 things you should recycle

oil filter

Qwikbit by Joshua The following is a list of items to recycle. The first seven items shouldn’t go to a landfill. Oil and Oil filters Oil should never be pour on the ground or down gutter drains. Pour your used oil into an empty milk bottle or bucket with a lid. Oil filters should be drained and put in a …

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Reminder: Repot Your Houseplants Day

spider houseplant

Qwikbit by Dobibe Yes, there is a day to remind you to check if your houseplants need repotting. Spring is the ideal time to repot your houseplants. So if you have neglected to do this,  take a look today at your houseplants and see if any need re-potted. Rate this Qwikbit below Additional Info Some houseplants will need frequent repotting …

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How to Recognize an IRS scam

picture of money, IRS scam

Qwikbit by Dobibe It is tax season and here come the scammers. Here is how you can recognize an IRS scam. You receive an unexpected email claiming to be the IRS. The IRS does not initiate contact with an email. The IRS contacts you on social media. A website claiming to be IRS that doesn’t begin with ‘www.irs.gov.’ You receive …

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Your computer has been hijacked

inside of an computer

Qwikbit by Jonah How to know if your computer has been hijacked. Your computer.. slows down, crashes, or displays repeated error messages won’t shut down or restart has lots of pop-ups re-directs to web pages you don’t want sends out emails you didn’t compose has new toolbars changes your home page Thanks, Jonah. Please rate this Qwikbit below. Additional Info Malware …

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