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how to tell your child

image of how to tell your child website

Qwikbit by Dobibe how to tell your child Dobibe recommended child site This website is a resource for parents.  ‘how to tell your child‘ is not a site for your child to explore alone. The site acknowledges that discussing sexuality with a child may be confusing to them. It is not easy for the parent either as they attempt to …

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The Cool Spot

image of website 'The Cool Spot'

Qwikbit by Dobibe Dobibe recommended teen site: The Cool Spot ‘The Cool Spot’ is for young teens who are curious about alcohol. The site targets those 11 to 13 years of age but has information older teens can use. The sites use of cartoons and flash will keep you entertained. ‘The Cool Spot’ covers info about alcohol use, risks of …

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What is the dif between helicopter and lawnmower parenting?

What is the dif between helicopter and lawnmower parenting?--How to avoid being one... dobibe.com

I think we have all heard about helicopter parents, but what is a lawnmower parent? Qwikbit by Meghan Is there a difference between a helicopter parenting and lawnmower parenting? Helicopter Parent: organizes child’s life full of advice hoover over kids to protect them from mistakes kids are overly dependent and introverted Lawnmower Parent: mows down any obstacle in child’s path. Super …

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Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

seat belts

Qwikbit by Dobibe As kids grow older the bigger becomes the hassle to get them to buckle-up. Over the past 5 years, 1,552 kids ages 8-14 were not wearing seat belts when they died in a crash, and one in four of those kids were age 14. NHTSA has started a new campaign called “Never Give Up Until They Buckle-up” …

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