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Women gifts

Woodworker gifts

Fill tool box or shop bucket with: Safety glasses Wood glue Assortment of sandpaper Measuring tape Woodworking patterns Paint brushes Chisels Router bits Saw blades Files Varnish Paint Other tools

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Sewer gifts

Fill sewing basket with: Collection of unique buttons Fancy trim Appliques Pin cushion Needles Needle threader Thimble Straight pins Measuring tape Dress maker scissors Seam ripper Hem gauge Patterns Tracing wheel and paper Marking pen Marking caulk

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Naturalist gifts

Somebody who likes exploring the outdoors: bird watching, rock collector, identifying trees and plants,etc. Fill a knapsack with: Binoculars Bird watching guide Log book and pen Wild life or Wild flower guide Rock guide Pick Lapidary supplies for rock tumbling, rock cutting, rock shaping and rock polishing Maps Trail mix

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Scrapbook and rubber stamper gifts

Rubber stamps Stamp pads Glue pens Decorative stickers Marking pen Color pencils Photo corners Acid-free cardstock and theme paper Acid-free specialty paper Die cuts Decorative cut scissors

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Decorative painter and stencil gifts

Paints Brushes Palette paper Instruction or pattern book Craft knife Items to paint: pots, wood plaques, bread boards, etc. Natural sponges Clear acrylic spray Sponge paint roller Crackle paint Chalkboard paint Painter’s tape Brush basin Stencil Items to stencil: terra cotta pots, wooden items, aprons, hot pads, etc. Stencils Paint Brushes Instruction or pattern books Stencil tape Spray sealer

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Electronics gifts

Resistors Capacitors Wires Pliers Soldering iron Solder Lights bulbs LED lights Printed circuit board Wire cutters Project books Electrical tape

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Knitter or crocheter gifts

Assorted needles or hooks Assorted patterns Yarn or thread Buttons Ribbons “Made by” labels Needle or hook holders Slide on counting rings Pompom maker For the knitter Stich holder Stich counter Cable stitch holder Knitting needle gauge For the crocheter Buttons Yarn ball winder Yarn bowls

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Gardening gifts

Know someone who loves working in their garden? Here are some gift ideas they will love. Occasion: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter Gardening Basket Fill with: Seeds Knee pads Hand cultivator Garden gloves Plant markers Hand pruners Hand trowel Bulbs Nail brush Miscellaneous Gardening books Watering can Hat Gardening calendar Terra cotta pots Rake Hose bowl Bottle …

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Female Gifts

Occasion: Birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thank-you Hire cleaning person Hire for a day or as long as you can afford it. Pamper yourself Stay in bed all day Paperback books Book mark Coffee or hot chocolate mixes Snack foods Manicure Items Skin Deep Sweet Christmas Dreams A pretty pillow Potpourri Christmas book Nightgown Soft Christmas carols Cd …

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First Home/Apartment

Sewing basketFill with: Needles Pins Thread Scissors Tape measure Measuring gauge Fabric marking pen Snaps Velcro tape Christmas decorations Include Small nativity set String of lights Ornaments Candles Wreath Laundry basket Fill basket with: Laundry guide Laundry soap Dryer sheets Stain remover Roll of quarters Bleach Iron Gadget collection Garlic press Can opener Jar opener Paring knifes Cheese slicer Egg …

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