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Miscellaneous Gifts

Gifts for the Hostess

Scented candle Napkin rings Mini guest soaps Pomander ball Christmas treats Kissing ball Festive tie Cook book Christmas bouquet Live plant Striped socks Christmas CD Christmas DVD

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Gift Exchanges

Occasion: Usually done for office or club parties. Types of exchanges White elephant: Used, but useful Favorite book: write in front what it meant to you Cookies: Bring 1/2 dozen and recipe for each person Ornaments: Unique and under $10 Picture frames: Unique and under $10 Gifts under $5 Christmas ornament Pre-paid phone card Note cards Christmas socks Small book …

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Gifts for those who have everything

Occasions–Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Hanukah gift, Expendable gifts Food gifts Christmas Cactus Poinsettia Stationery “This is your life” video Magazine from birth month and year Gift magazine subscription Donate time in recipient’s name to favorite charity Donate money to recipient’s favorite charity in recipient’s name Personalized rubber stamp Initials embosser to emboss stationery, napkins, books, etc. Mall gift certificate Memory …

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Emergency gifts

Collect at sales or make some of the following and save for last minute gifts. Post-it notes Pomander balls Homemade or bought ornaments Perfumes Fancy soaps Bubble bath After shave Scarves Padded hangers Decorative hooks One-size fits all gloves Boxes of candy Calendars Note cards Refrigerator magnets Potpourri Baskets Christmas candles Photo frames Pocket dairies

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