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Helpful lists to help keep you organized.

Weekly Cleaning Dining rooms & Basement

Weekly clean dining room, basement and garage.

Weekly cleaning list for dining rooms and basement. Chores for basement will vary. Do chores for appliances in whatever room they are kept.

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Living room and Entry Weekly Cleaning

Weekly clean livingroom

Living room and entry weekly cleaning checklist. These are what most visitors see first and the most challenging to keep clean.

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Misc Weekly Cleaning List

Weekly cleaning

All the remaining items you need to do on your weekly cleaning list--clothes, porch, deck, and vacuum cleaner.

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Weekly Bedroom & Bathroom Cleaning Chores

Weekly clean bedroom and bathroom

Weekly chores to keep bedroom and bathroom tidy and sparkling. Keeping up with the chores will prevent a monthly overload when cleaning.

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Things to do When Cleaning the Kitchen Weekly

Things to do When Cleaning the Kitchen Weekly

Things to do when cleaning the kitchen weekly is a handy checklist to cleaning the kitchen step by step. Weekly doing these chores will help to prevent the gunk from building up and making it more difficult.

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Weekly Paperwork and Meal Planning

Weekly paperwork and meal planning

File warranties after sending File misc. business papers Cull magazines-clip and file articles Pay bills. Place in the “budget” file. Track utility bills. Balance check-book Write letters Make phone calls Calendar planning for next week Review deadlines for projects Do items in the “things to do” file Defrag computer Disc clean-up computer Clean the computer screen and keyboard Update virus …

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Weekly Car and Pet care

Weekly car and pet care

Car Clean ashtray Empty/sort seat pockets Dump trash Clean out under seats Clean windows in and out Clean steering wheel Clean/dust dashboards Wash floor mats Vacuum upholstery/wipe off vinyl seats Vacuum floors Clean/vacuum door panels Check for and treat carpet and upholstery stains Repair dash, seats and panels Wash car Clean hub caps and tires Clean and polish chrome and …

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March Holiday Checklist

holiday checklist for March

Planning for graduations, Mother's Day and Easter. Continues 12 month Christmas plan.

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March Best Buys

March best buys

Buy Easter supplies for best selection. Some stores White sales are this month: sheets, pillowcases, pillows, comforters, tablecloths, and curtains. Some stores may offer St Patrick’s Day sales. Look for deals on cruises. March is a good month for luggage sales. Mattresses–buy floor samples as stores make space for new models. Tax software Vacuum cleaners Skis and snowboards Digital cameras …

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March Checklist

March home maintenance checklist

Continue spring cleaning during March--basement and bedrooms.

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