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Helpful lists to help keep you organized.

January Check List

Take down Christmas decorationsReturn or exchange gifts, overstocked Christmas supplies, etc.Write thank-you notesUpdate home inventoryGather all the paperwork you need to do your taxes.Do January Holiday ChecklistCheck out January sales Organization Clean and straighten clothes closet Cleaning/Maintenance Quarterly: Laundry Check machine hosesCheck dryer exhaust tube for debris and lintMake sure exterior vent cover closes completely when not in use. Office …

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January Holiday Planner

Your January Holiday Planner. The holiday planners are year around to keep you organized for all holidays throughout the year. Every month contains activities to prepare for Christmas so you can get ahead start. Christmas Store Christmas decorations-Look in the bottom of your tubs and boxes. Were some things not put out. Why? Toss broken or no longer wanted decorations.-Note …

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Party Planner

6 to 8 weeks before: Review budget for partyMake list of people planning to invite Plan menuOrder catered food*Organize recipesMake list of nonperishable itemsDivide nonperishable food into number of weeks to party. Purchase items on list every weekPlan colors for event and decorations needs 5 weeks before: Check serving dishes, linens, and silverware or paper supplies you will need.Add needed …

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January Best Buys

After Christmas sales (best done last week of December)- Replacement bulbs, candles, ornaments, etc. 1/2 price or more on gift wrap, cards, decorations.Check-out 1/2 price perfumes, photo frames, one-size fits all gloves, after-shave, Christmas refrigerator magnets, and stationery for next years emergency gifts.Also computers, stereos, DVD players and other over-stocked electronic equipment will go on sale. Wait until after Electronics …

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Thanksgiving countdown

A Table set for thanksgiving

One month before: Quest list: send invites. Facebook events makes it easy to keep track of responses and what everyone is bringing Plan menu Organize recipes in one spot Three weeks before Make master grocery list Order fresh turkey Shop for drinks Make a list of perishables, buy a few each week Clean glasses and polish silverware. Do a count …

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Valentine’s Day Romantic Gifts Ideas

Valentine's Day romantic gift ideas

Buying Valentine’s Day romantic gifts can sometimes be tricky. The key is to be thoughtful in your gift giving. With women, it is best to avoid functional gifts. Gift shopping can be fun if you have some ideas. Valentine’s Day romantic gifts ideas when money is not an issue Dinner at a fine restaurant Dinner cruise Hot air balloon ride Helicopter ride …

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Toys for School Age Children

Always check toy labels for recommended ages!  Snap together model cars Battery operated games Art Supplies Play dough Paint or color by number kits (older child) Felt pens (older child) Art Supplies Craft Supplies Games Uno Old Maid Mouse Trap Boggle jr. (older child) Clue jr. Monopoly jr. (older child) Battleship Checkers Bonkers Brain Quest Jenga Don’t Break the Ice …

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Toys for Preschool Children

Dress-up clothes Play money Play food Fisher Price items for 3-5 year olds Toy cash register Farm, village, garage, school and other play sets Weebles people and vehicles Baby dolls Baby dolls cradles and strollers Stuff animals Trucks, cars, planes, tractors Play tools DVDs “The Aristocats” “The Adventures of Pinocchio” “Babe” “Finding Nemo” “Fantasia” “Brother Bear” “Dumbo” “Jonah-A Veggie Tale …

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Toddler Toys

Toddler 1 to 3 years Always check toy labels for recommended ages! Some of the toys displayed on the shopping pages are not appropriate–please read recommendations listed beside toys below. Shape sorters             Amazon    EBay Hammering toys        Amazon    EBay       (about 1 1/2 years) Toy phones                  Amazon    EBay Pull toys                        Amazon    EBay     (for steady walkers)                       Large balls                   Amazon     EBay     ( 1 3/4″ minimum or anything …

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Toys for Babies

Birth to 6 months Always check toy labels for recommended ages! Babies like primary colors, contrast, clear lines and features, simple design, and human features e.g. eyes. Infants 0 to 2 months enjoy seeing interesting things. Infants 2 to 6 months enjoy touching, holding, batting, shaking, kicking, and mouthing objects. -Toys for watching is more interesting if they move and …

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