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Gift Wrapping

Tips on how to make your gifts one of a kind.

Food Gift Containers

*Apothecary jars for home made candies *For baked goods cross stitch a saying on a corner of a napkin. Line basket with it. Place baked goods on top. *Jams and jellies. Place in wooden crate. Stencil a saying on the side. *Buy pretty plates and bowls at garage sales. Use for cookies and other baked goods. *Casserole. Purchase plastic 9 …

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Gift Wrapping: Bows and Tags

Bows *Tie in metallic rickrack, lace, tinsel or cords into bow   *Wrap package with natural sea grass, twine or sisal for rustic look   *Combine a variety of ribbons, threads and cords to make lush bows   *Tuck artificial holly or spruce sprigs into the bows   *Hot glue on tiny pine cones, walnuts, hazelnuts, moss or excelsior into …

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Gift Wrapping: Baskets

Baskets *Fill basket with Cellophane grass Crumpled tissue paper Piece of fabric shredded colored paper Straw Raffia   *Fill-ins for your basket Candy canes Foiled wrapped Santas Small pine cones Bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon Christmas greenery Christmas ornaments Lots of small bows Nuts in a shell Small scented candles Christmas baking Mandarin oranges   *Basket liner: …

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Gift Wrap Ideas: Cans, Pots and Jars

Cans Types–Recycled popcorn can, large juice can, galvanized buckets, vegetable cans, potato chip cans or new empty paint cans *Using paint designed for metal, paint on a base coat. When dry paint on a design or use a stencil *Crackle-finish a can *Wrap with strips of fabric or ribbon *Glue on wooden cutouts *Decoupage on a picture *Wrapping paper. Measure …

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Gift Wrap Ideas: Bags and Boxes

Paper Bags *Any of the suggestions in brown paper or shelf paper section *Use paper punch to punch holes across the top. Thread yarn, ribbon, etc. through and tie a bow. *Spray paint gold and tie with lace or velvet ribbon *Applique using fabric and fusible web. Measure height and width and subtract 1/4″ from all measurements. Cut out fabric …

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Gift Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping Paper Paper rolls White shelf paper Roll of brown paper Newspaper funnies and sports section Tissue paper Tin foil wrapping paper Colored cellophane Road maps Sheet music Bags and Boxes Gift bags Brown paper lunch bags Enamel bags Cellophane bags Baskets Gift boxes Cans Tags Gift tags Wooden ornaments Wooden spoons Paper dolls Cookie cutters Key chains Shells Ribbon …

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Gift Wrapping Using Paper

Brown Paper Ideas *Use rubber stamps to stamp designs on the paper.   *Lay paper doilies on the paper. Spray with white paint. Let dry and remove doilies. Wrap package. Top with a white bow and silver rickrack.   *Place gold star stickers all over package. Top with gold bow and gold wire stars   *Tie package with salsa and …

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